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Bee Wrap 100% ORGANIC

Bee Wrap 100% ORGANIC

Bee Wrap 100% Organic(organic cotton, organic wax and organic jojoba oil) made by your Happy'cultrice,

Completely natural and very ecological since cleanable and therefore reusable,  to replace plastic film or aluminum foil


Cotton coated with beeswax retains moisture while allowing air to pass through, resulting in excellent food preservation


Very practical for wrapping a fruit, a sandwich, covering a dish,...


The Bee Wrap in a nutshell:

  • Ecological, entirely made of natural products (100% organic)
  • Economical, since reusable to infinity
  • Effective for storing food in the open air, in the fridge or in the freezer
  • Perfectly healthy
  • Very easy to maintain (a simple wipe with a sponge)
  • No food taste alteration

    Shipping possible by Colissimo

  • Bee Wrap 100% Organic

    Available in 3 sizes:

    Small 20cmx20cm

    Medium 30cmx30cm

    Large 40cmx40cm

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